About Beatnik Boutique

Beatnik Boutique offers natural wellness & beauty solutions, plant-based/vegan delectables, and enlightened lifestyle essentials along with a rainbow of inspiration to enhance your daily happiness and well-being.

The integrative message in our mindfully curated offerings is one of wellness, sustainability, and “ahimsa;” do no harm.

California-based Beatnik Boutique is rooted in an ethic of compassion for humans, animals, and the Earth. We hope to be a sanctuary space where you can “shop your values” from an array of hip essentials for a vibrantly healthy, conscious, mindful lifestyle.

Let’s “be the change” we wish to see by investing in a healthy, sustainable future for all living things and embracing a collective consciousness of compassion. Imagine. What a world it could be!

Kiki Powers, MS, CNC / Author / Speaker

Kiki Powers, MS, CNC, is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, professional RYT® 200 yoga instructor, internationally published health writer, and public speaker with a master’s degree in health science from San Francisco State University. In 2024, Kiki founded Beatnik Boutique, an online store for CBD wellness solutions, vegan delicacies, self-care essentials and more, which is also a welcoming community and progressive lifestyle/educational resource.